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    Site of the Magic Lantern Museum at the Magic Lantern Castle by Jack Judson.

    The George Eastman House Museum site in Rochester, New York.

    Museo del Precinema -- Major Italian Magic-Lantern Museum.

    McCord Museum of Canadian History -- 1900s Magic Lanterns In Canada .


Other sites


    List of publications by Stephen Herbert and Mo Heard.

    The Dick Balzer Collection A catalogue of Dick’s collection and an opportunity for people to learn

       more of the history of these devices.

    A fantastic collection of glass slides and magic lanterns,On Line Exhibit. Materials donated by

       Friends of the Library Betty and Homer Peabody.

    Site of the Bill Douglas Centre at the University of Exeter.

    History of the magic lantern in Japan. Don't need to download Japanese characters.

    Here is a great research site Online University Photography Collections Lantern Slides

    Interesting Dutch site.

    A very complete and resourceful Netherlands site.

    Site of the British Film Institute.

    Slide images from the University of Nottingham.

    A Slide show by Dolly Whilems and Derek Adams.

    A Washington D.C. flea market with thousands of slides available.

    A group of lighting enthusiasts from Canada,the US and around the world Historical Lighting.

    Magic lantern books by German publisher Georg Fusslin.

    Slides of early photographer William Henry Jackson.

    Site of professional lantern showman Professor Doctor Mervyn Heard.

    Site of the British Magic Lantern Society.

    The American Magic Lantern Theater site by professional lanternist Terry Borton.

    Site of the Randall-Salter Collection of lanterns and slides.

    Paul Bums Complete History of the Discovery of Cinematography.

    Sheffield University's site on the bioscope on the British fairground.

    On line auctions of lanterns, slides, cameras and related items by Bryan Ginns.

    An alternative artistic display of lantern slides as glass houses by Steve Tobin.

    Early cinematography equipment by Dutchman Michael Rogge.

    New Site Nico's Tooverlantaarn museum by Henk Boelmans Kranenburg.

    Site San Francisco's earlier Cliff House lantern slides of Cliff House landmark.


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